Underwater Bedroom: Concept Art


Project Details

In my Illustration 1 class, we were given the project to create concept art that could be used as a background in a show, comic, or other form of media. I drew the adjective underwater, and noun bedroom and was assigned to create an illustration based on that. While coming up with a concept and researching my prompt, I saw a lot of the art of little mermaid-esqe designs, cute seashells and underwater caverns. Since one of my prompts was bedroom, I wanted to try breaking away from that concept and creating something that reflected my own bedroom. I envisioned a character to design my bedroom around, a punk/grunge teenage mermaid and collected a lot of teenage bedroom references from the early 90’s. I used a glaze acrylic technique and a mostly monochromatic color scheme to bring the underwater aspect to light, and did my best to depict what I think an underwater bedroom would look like. Overall I found this project very engaging, I enjoy world building and concept art quite a bit.


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