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What matters to me



Giving a voice to the under represented is something I feel very strongly about. Growing up queer, I never saw myself reflected in the media I consumed. I’ve since learned the detrimental effect that a lack of representation can create, and the prejudice that can arise from a lack of understanding. My goal when creating is to cultivate empathy and understanding for all groups and minorities that have been overlooked in the past. I will always go out of my way to represent those who are often left out, and to always be inclusive in my work. Creating an environment in which people from all walks of life feel represented allows me to relate to a wider audience with the work I create, and with the changing nature of the world, I believe this mindset will benefit me as a move forward in my career.



My illustrative art is very much inspired by the living world around me. I’ve spent countless hours helping my grandma in her garden and tending to plants of my own. Because of this, I feel the need to preserve and protect the environment, and to shine light on environmental issues in the work I create when possible. I do my best to make sure my process in creating art creates minimal waste. I feel it’s important to stay educated on these topics in order to foster a healthy world moving forward. I would be eager to participate in any project that tackled environmental issues where my work could be used to make a difference.


G-Rated Media

The media I consumed growing up is one of the most significant influences for my art today. Media in all forms has a huge impact on children, giving them the opportunity to learn new things in an easy to consume format. I believe it’s important to create G-Rated material that provides children with the tools and life lessons they need to thrive in life. When handled carefully, difficult and complex subjects can be introduced to children in an engaging way, helping them to better understand themselves and their peers as well. Children have the capacity to experience more emotions than they’re given credit for, and some children experience immense hardships early in life. It’s important to me to acknowledge that, and to do what I can to create work that can be beneficial for all children’s well being.


What I can do


Product Photography


Branding & Logo Design


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