Lillian Shallenberger

Graphical Designer / Digital Artist / Illustrator


Creative & Inspired Design

Hiya, I’m Lilly! I’m currently attending Edinboro University as a Graphic Design student. Art has always been a prominent part of my upbringing, being raised by my father, who was a graphic designer as well. My earliest memories on a computer were in Photoshop, drawing silly faces on photos of my great grandma or my pets. As I grew, my passion for art did as well. By middle school I was drawing almost everyday, creating characters and comics related to my interests at the time. I had already decided I wanted to pursue art in my future, but it took me a while to narrow my interests down to pursuing graphic design. In high school, I spent half of my school day every day attending an Art & Design for Business class at Erie County Technical School. This course provided me with the opportunity to try a wide variety of art mediums, network with artists in the Erie area, and gain experience in working with clientele. I’m excited to see how my work will improve after completing my degree, and am eager to enter the industry and make my mark.


What I can do


Product Photography


Branding & Logo Design


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