Save The Bees: Poster


Project Details

My poster is designed to bring awareness to the necessity of bees and what can be done to promote their well-being. Bees help pollinate and produce over 1/3 of the foods we eat, so it’s important that we create an environment that allows them to continue doing that job. I wanted to show the bee sitting at the table to portray their presence in the meals we have daily. By setting a place for them (at the dinner table or in the environment) we can secure that they strive as a species and keep doing what they do best. Pollinator Partnership allows you to donate directly towards conservation efforts, bee-keeping, and other preventative measures. They also offer tips on how individuals can promote healthy bees, with examples like planting bee friendly flowers and building a place where bees can get water in your yard. By donating, joining organizations, or just simply modifying their own living space, people everywhere can take action to protect bees.


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